Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rice Pudding Update

As I mentioned, I made a mediocre rice pudding last night, flavored with Meyer lemon and cardamom. Well, it wasn't bad so much as extremely minimal and spartan and practically puritanical (yes, I do realize that's mixing my cultures) the sort of thing I imagine a British boarding school might have dished up unsmilingly (sans seasonings, of course.)

But! A twist! Last weekend I made a heart-shaped Pavlova and, to use up the yolks, made a batch of lemon curd. Well, I stirred some of the lemon curd into that rice pudding, and it made a world of difference: the egg yolks (a common addition to more luxurious pudding recipes, after all) added a welcome richness and, of course, the flavors worked. So, salvaged - for the moment. Tagine still bad.

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